How to find your awesome team at a Hackathon

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About me

I am Abir, an Engineering Fellow at Major League Hacking, and have won two global hackathons at Major League Hacking Fellowship with the theme of Orientation and Data Ethics. Along with this, I was invited as a Judge at Major League Hacking Fellowship Projects. So I feel I should share a part of experience, I gained in choosing and developing teams for hackathons.

Generally, a team should have the following people

  • A Frontend Team/ Person
  • A Backend Team/ Person
  • A Person who can Pitch the product and make videos, graphics for the whole project, and keep tracks of all the deadlines.(Usually First Timers in hackathon can do this)

Note: A team should have a mid-experience person, if everyone is a beginner, certainly, you all are not going to learn anything, so make sure, you are part of a team, where at least one of the person is having some developer experience.

Step 0

If it's your first time at a hackathon, then be the person with good pitching skills, presenting and understanding the project structure and helping them with graphics and video making.

Step 1

  • If you are a front-end person, reach out to a person with backend and pitching skills.
  • If you are a backend person, reach out to, a person with frontend and pitching skills.

Step 2

  • Brainstorm on bringing an Idea relevant to any one of the themes.
  • Avoid picking very basic ideas ( like, information display, or anything else)
  • Always, choose an idea, which you feel, 70% confident and 30 % not, so you all can learn and explore during hackathon.

Step 3

  • Make a discord server, do regularly audio meetings, to know things they are working on. And be comfortable with your team, sharing your interests, and also chill up.

Step 4

  • At the end, you have a team and good friends too, whom you know each other, and you can build things together. May be your first job referral, is done by your team mate.

Thank you for reading !!

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